Posterior Cervical Discectomy under Spine

  • Posterior – by the rear
  • Cervical – neck
  • Discectomy – elimination of the thickest portion of this disk.

This operation is suggested for the issue of:

  1. The reason behind this operation is pressure on a nerve.
  2. Cervical cord compression causing myelopathy (weakness in arms and thighs).

Around surgery:

  • Surgery for posterior cervical discectomy might be carried out with the patient on their stomach or sitting posture.
  • This surgical procedure involves an incision at the back of the throat at the midline. The neck muscles are moved to get the rear of the column, normally resulting in short term distress compared to anterior approach.
  • The microscope or an endoscope can be used to look down the tube and then picture the backbone.
  • The bone over the nerve root is exposed and a portion of that is eliminated using a particular instrument taking any residual pressure off the nerve. When the neck incision is closed in a number of layers, the surgery is finished.
  • Dissolving suture material might be utilized and a watertight dressing is implemented on the incision.

There pain, numbness, lost of bowel, clumsiness, bladder, injury to blood vessels, leakage of fluid, these are a few complications are possible.

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