MMORPG’s – What Your Character’s Name Says About You

Title is derived from objects or two or monsters:

Congratulations! You’re currently playing with an elf an elf druid. You may express a profound comprehension of nature and a deep caring for the inhabitants of woods and the forests, while mowing down some one of creatures that cross your path.

Title is derived from implements of destruction weather, or drinking and alcohol-related actions:

You are currently enjoying with a dwarf. Your personality is a part of the races in the sport of one, using an honorable and very happy history. You may use this background as an excuse to drink excessive quantities of beer at the closest tavern shout incoherently and question everybody (and I mean everyone) into a duel.

Name is coquettish or suggestive or inordinately sweet:

You are a participant, playing with a character. You’ve got a profound unease about spending hours staring in a polygonal ass as you play have made a character to appease your machismo. You expect that other players could be likelier to group in the expectation of getting some actions, together with girls.

Title is similar to some popular and well-known hero out of films or fantasy books:

You once any creativity was being passed out were in the queue. The good news is, you’re now a part of a household of players that found the title was taken and could not be bothered to think of something first. At least you will have somebody to speak to.

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