Going to Orlando Without the Kids

Home to the greatest and world-famous theme parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, Orlando includes a great deal of items in store for the entire family especially the kids. However, do you know everything? Orlando isn’t just for children. It’s also a excellent traveling retreat for adults that want to find an enjoyable and rewarding vacation with no kids. Below are a few holiday suggestions for adults visiting Orlando simply independently 3 day Orlando vacation package.


Are you aware that in Disney World, there’s in fact an attraction that’s absolutely child free? Within this fascination, you have to have the rate of a life behind the wheel of a NASCAR-type automobile, which you may take round the track to get quick laps which can get your adrenaline racing.

2. City Arts Factory

For those looking for something artsy fartsy, then you will want to see the City Arts Factory, a distance that exudes performing and visual arts. Make sure you drop by all of the five art galleries present within this area in addition to the artists’ studio and occasions and performance place.


Believe it or not, there’s a dining area in Disney World that doesn’t provide a kids’ menu. It doesn’t permit entry of kids under 10 and in case you are a child and you come in here, you need to behave like an adult. In reality, the dress code , even for kids is formal. The dinner jacket for boys and men and formal apparel or suits for girls and women.

4. Leu Gardens

Going on a picnic date at the most lovely botanical garden in Orlando will surely take your holiday a top notch higher. Do not forget to make a mat, a few candles, along with a picnic basket full of goodies.

5. Winter Park

Another romantic location where you are able to visit is your Winter Park. After choosing a leisure stroll within this magnificent park, you may pay a visit to the Farmer’s Market and walk across Park Avenue and fall from the Wine Room.

You love your children so much however there are occasions when you would like to spend some time with your better half. There is nothing wrong with this. Spend a pleasant and fantastic holiday at Orlando. Be absolutely certain to open Orlando Holiday Packages and Orlando Hotel Packages to create planning a snap.